The warblers category is a large one with seven families represented. The reed-warblers are Acrocephalidae, spinifexbird, grassbirds and songlarks are of the Locustellidae family. The cistocolas (Cisticolidae) the white-eyes and silver-eyes are Zosteropidae, the introduced bulbul is a Pycnontidae. The thrushes and blackbird are members of the Turdidae family and the starlings and myna birds belong to the Sturnidae family. The family Acanthizidae, which are the gerygones, thornbills, scrubwrens and the like are actually known as the Australasian warblers, yet are categorized in the Pardalote group.

Warblers are insectivorous, usually small, quite vocal songbirds and often fairly plain looking birds, either brownish or dull greenish in colour. Warblers like the cisticola’s are quite cosmopolitan in their distribution, although they are generally non-migatory.

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