The Psittaciformes order includes all cockatoos, corellas, parrots, lorikeets and rosellas.

There are about 54 species of parrots in Australia (including a couple of vagrants) of the 391 species found worldwide. Parrots, in general occupy the tropical regions of the world and as such it is Australia and South America that may claim the greatest number of parrots, along with Africa. Australia has been dubbed the ‘Land of Parrots’ in some circles due to their widespread diversity and adaptation to arid lands. In other words they are found throughout the continent in many varied habitats. This has occurred because of the need for the various species to evolve as the continent has become more dry and arid. Some species have flourished with the arrival of Europeans and the accompanying agricultural industries.

Cockatoos are differentiated from parrots by the crest of feathers on the head; this crest may be raised or lowered at will. Therefore the family of cockatoos also includes galahs and cockatiels.

Lorikeets are a group of parrots that have brush tipped tongues which they use for collecting nectar.

Parakeet is a non taxonomical term which refers to any smallish parrot with a long flat tapered tail, such as the budgerigar.

Budgerigars are the third most common pet worldwide after cats and dogs due to their small size, colourful plumage and ability to mimic sounds.

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