The Corvidae family is the crow, raven family and along with their close relatives the    Ptilonorhynchidae family which includes the bowerbirds and catbird and then the Paradisaeidae family which consists of manicode and riflebirds and lastly the Corcorasidae being the apostlebird and the chough, make up this category.

Corvidae family are considered to be the most intelligent of all bird families. They have a brain to body mass ratio equivalent to that of the great apes. They have the ability to recognise humans by sight and voice and generally considered to be very crafty. All species of the genera are known to use tools for various tasks such as spearing grubs in tree burrows to retract them. Ravens and crows have also been known to talk or mimic the human voice.

Apostlebirds are so called because they are usually in groups of about twelve, just like the apostles that followed Jesus Christ. They are a close knit family group that are usually quite playful and mischievous.

The Catbirds are actually Bowerbirds of a different name and like the riflebirds; all the bowerbirds have interesting courtship rituals. The riflebirds and the manicode are of the same family as the birds of paradise and they all exhibit very brilliant plumage with sheen and divergent colours.

The Catbirds are actually Bowerbirds of a different name.

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