Myriapoda are a group of arthropods that have multiple pairs of legs and many body segments (always more than 9) such as millipedes and centipedes. Each body segment of the centipede has just one pair of legs ranging from 15 to 191 and is always an odd number, therefore it is not possible for a centipede to actually have 100 legs as the name suggests. All centipedes are carnivorous and venomous they require a moist habitat to avoid moisture loss from their bodies as such live out of direct sunlight, under rocks, logs, leaf litter etc. Millipedes actually have two pair of legs per body segment as a result of two body segments being fused together, number of body segments is always more than 20. Unlike centipedes, millipedes are normally vegetarian and mainly eat decaying plant matter or fungus. Some species can become garden pests in that they damage emerging seedlings.






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