This order includes all species within the coleoptera order (beetles) This is the largest single group of insects with between 300,000 and 400,000 species, making up about 30% of all known animals on earth. There are several differences between the beetles (coleoptera) and true bugs (hemiptera) which they are often confused with. The main ones are the hard leathery type forewings of the beetles (elytra) which fold over the hindwings serving to protect them and the body from climate and predators. The elytra adaption has enabled the beetles to venture and exist in more habitats due to the protection it affords to the underlying hindwings. Additionally the mouth parts of a beetle are of the chewing type rather than the needle like piercing and sucking type. Coleoptera also have a complete life cycle. Examples of coleoptera are ladybeetles, scarabs, weevils and stag beetles.

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