Australian bird and wildlife photographic tours

Photographic Tours

Individually tailored photographic tours to numerous areas in north Queensland are now available. Tours can be organised to target specific species of birds or wildlife and last as long as is necessary. Suggested tour duration is from one to five days for local tours or a little longer for Cape York trips. Additionally if you would like to tour the area on your own but require some assistance, any species location information and local advice in general particularly in the Townsville, Ingham, Paluma area and nearby ranges is provided free of charge.

The north Queensland region is an area of outstanding natural beauty. This area is very rich in bird and animal life and can offer a diverse array of habitats and varied terrain in a relatively small area compared to other parts of Australia. Thus providing a greater variety and concentration of bird and animal species in a shorter period of time, making it an ideal location to embark on photographic tours. The region claims to have over 400 species of birds, some of which are endemic to the area. Tour options can include the pristine wetlands of the Burdekin and Hinchinbrook, the wet tropical rainforest of Paluma and the Cairns highlands, the open woodlands and brigalow (Acacia) of the outback, and the bird rich plains and waterways of the coast, or any combination of the above; as they are all within easy reach. The north Queensland area boasts some of the world’s most impressive bird-life.

Local tours can be arranged to start or finish in Cairns or Townsville if arriving by air.  These tours offer a great opportunity for bird and wildlife photographers arriving in Australia and looking for a personalised, comprehensive and all inclusive tour.

Interested in a tour then please fill in a contact form. As mentioned above each tour is personalized so details of your wants and expectations will be required.

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