Welcome to “Wildlife Photography –  Australia” I hope you will get some benefit from this site and I hope I have made it interesting enough for you, so you will come back and check it out often.

Let me introduce myself – I am Hans Bentzen, I am an Australian nature photographer, primarily a wildlife photographer with a special interest in Australian native birds. Having said that, I have and do all sorts of wildlife and landscape photography, including some astro-photography.

This web-site has been put together as a sort of information package that goes hand in hand with my wildlife photography, therefore it is not just a portfolio of wildlife photos but a source of information with some interesting facts about Australian wildlife. The theme is a new and more modern theme and the gallery photo’s have been updated recently, with the sole purpose to making the viewer experience better. Some of the information presented is regurgitated from other book and online references and much is  from my own experience. I certainly hope I have not infringed on any copyright in this process.

This website is dedicated to Australian wildlife and the aim is to keep it that way. Photographs of other animals and scenery taken on my travels around the world can be seen on Hans Bentzen Nature Photography site which is located by clicking on the HBNP link above. This site also has a prints for sale page where much of my work can be purchased, please follow the PRINT SALES or link above. If by chance you would like prints of any photographs on this site that are not on my “prints for sale” page then please use the contacts page to query.

Don’t forget to like and share this site, the more exposure I can get the better it is. Thank you.

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